Now wholesale christmas costumes that's a pair of bloomers! Garden designer sells bespoke lingerie made from fresh flowers for £675... but they wilt after TWO DAYS

Forget a bouquet of roses, men who want to show they care can now buy their loved one an underwear set made entirely of flowers.Garden designer Lucy Summers has created a range of lingerie which feature fresh blooms that will wilt and die in just two days. And the decorative undies, created specifically for each woman, are being snapped up by City high fliers who aren't daunted by the £675 price tag.

Designer and award-winning gardener Lucy Summers decided to create the range of knickers and bras made from fresh blooms. The designer has admitted that 'wealthy brokers' are her top clients for the bespoke range

Lucy says decided to create knickers and bras made of real blooms to create the 'mega expensive range'.The designer - who is also a former Countdown letters girl, who took part in 56 shows before Carol Vorderman took over letters as well as numbers - said 'wealthy brokers' were her top clients for the bespoke range.

The award-winning Chelsea Flower Show gardener, said the 'fresh flower lingerie' corset skirts setswas a 'ultimate luxury gift' and that each set, which costs £675, is 'hand-crafted to individual specifications'.

Among the flowers used are rose buds, orchids and waxflowers - which are stitched together with thread and twine to create 'a unique, romantic and ultimate floral gift'. According to her firm, Lucy Summers Living, the lingerie is delivered in 'cool boxes' by couriers because the blooms 'only last 48 hours' before wilting and dying.

She said: 'Wealthy brokers were among the buyers who wanted to give their wives and girlfriends a one-off present. 'The phrase "say it with flowers" is apt but giving the lingerie was much better than handing a bunch of roses.'

Lucy added: 'The lingerie sets are created overnight [and are] highly priced because of the intricate work involved. 'People told me it couldn't be done but I wanted to prove them wrong.